My Evening Thoughts For 12/09/16

My Evening Thoughts

Good evening. Sorry, no afternoon thoughts. I got busy making important and necessary phone calls, watching Law & Order on ION on my DVR box I recorded the past two weeks, and reading a book written by John Kellerman titled The Clinic, and it is a very good book despite the first two chapters seemed boring at first but it is now getting good after the third chapter. I am up late tonight. I am usually in bed by this time of 8:56 PM but I did not take any of my sleep or antibiotic for a urine culture coming back this Tuesday with a bacterium I have never had before in my life even though the urine test resulted no UTI in the works. The medication is taking of the bacterium I have in my system. Due to the fact that I have CKD and the bacteria I have does not usually get treated by an antibiotic unless a woman is pregnant, my family doctor Dr. K has decided to treat the bacteria in my urine culture so it will not go rampart and I have other problems. I have been taking my medication faithfully and two times a day as directed. I have taken it before. As far as my CKD and urinary tract history since I have been a child, I am glad my issue is being taken care of seriously and correctly. Believe me, I do not allow my medical health to go downhill if I can help it. As far as I know I never had a kidney infection with my transplanted kidney the moment is put in my body. This kidney was well protected and now it is almost time for it to check out, in a way, stop working. How many more months or weeks do I have this good ol’ kidney of my mother’s? God has given me a wonderful dose of understanding about health. I am forever grateful for the longevity of this ol’ kidney. I am okay with it shutting down when it is ready. I am prepared to do dialysis when it is time to begin that again.

Well, it is after 9 PM now and I have my meds downed. I have church in the morning and I will be back in the morning before church and later in the afternoon when I get home whether it is before or after my shower. Good ol’ Wisconsin is expecting 8 to 10 inches of snow between Saturday and Sunday, this weekend. I am getting prepared just in case. I may not have my Sunday afternoon shower if the weather is bad. My friend JKS set me a package that included a pair of comfy slippers and dark chocolate with almond bits. My feet have been comfortably warm since I have put them on. Anyway, I have shut the lights off for the night, in my pajamas, and I am going to say… … … goodnight. Have a great night and thank you for letting me vent this morning. I was not a very happy camper around 10 AM this morning whatsoever.

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