Some Thoughts To End My Sunday Off

It is almost bedtime for me.  I have watched/listened to the TV while I read more of The Clinic written by John Kellerman.  It is a very good book but be prepared for it being a slow start.  If it begins slowly for other readers/fans of John Kellerman, I’d say do whatever is necessary to read a very good book.  I just finished chapter 14 – not quite half through the book.  I am beginning to wonder if The Clinic that is mentioned in the book is really involved with the gal’s murder of a professor with a doctorate degree.  I think there is trouble brewing among a couple of doctors mentioned in the book – her husband and Dr. Cruvic.   Hmmm?  It is getting very. Very good indeed.

Actually I am not usually wanting to be on my computer/laptop at this hour during the winter months but I thought. Before 7PM. Tonight I would write in my diary one last time today.  I am having neighbor issues from the neighbor upstairs today to the extent that is driving me crazy.   I just wish that RS would just move out and get away from here  I do not want here anymore. Her attitude and behavior stinks so bad.  Her boyfriend is staying here way too often at night again.  I do not care if my neighbor is getting help from this idiot of a boyfriend of hers because she is sick.  She rarely is seen with her dog anymore  – it is more him than her lately.  She needs to stop using him!  She ls using her boyfriend big time and I am not very happy about it.  She’s all attitude now.   UUGGHH.  I sense trouble brewing up there above me!  Here I am complaining/venting again and I had a wonderful nap this afternoon and it was an accident really.

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