December 20th

Becoming a Blogger

Don’t worry; I will not be leaving Dear Diary whatsoever.   I have found my true diary and I have been here for years. I do not remember exactly how long I have been with DD but I sure have made some friends I cannot depart from. I know I have been venting a lot lately but that has changed now. My vents will remain private “for my eyes only” from now on. Sometimes I have to make some changes before a new year begins because resolutions get broken all the time once plans have been made. I have found my true blogging spot on Microsoft Office Online at if anyone is interested to follow me there as well. I am going to be sharing updates on my transplanted kidney while it is dying due to CKD, some spiritual thoughts that I write from time to time when the Lord touches my heart to do so, and what I experience during my dialysis once that begins and it has not yet started. The idea came to me in February 2016 but I just could not think of the best place to blog other than here at DD. My life is not in shambles but it does seem complicated at times when the family dynamics are not always the same. Yes, I believe the family dynamics are a little tense with some family members but my blog will not be sharing what I share here at DD. Family dynamics will remain private just as much as my venting episodes that are needed from time to time. So I have become a blogger recently and it began on December 8, 2016. Now, I may not up on top of my blogging daily but at least I will be blogging. I hope my DD readers and friends will read my blogs.

Good Morning?

I can say good morning this morning without too much of a hitch. It has already been a busy morning that started around 6:30 AM. Yep, I got up at 6:30 AM so I had time to get online and do what I wanted to do before 8 AM when my home health nurse came to check things out as far as my fistula is concerned. All seems good with all that. I have already have had my shower and got dressed for the day – in comfies of course – and will be going to a potluck at 1 PM this afternoon. RK came to help with my showering, do whatever dishes, make my bed, help me get dressed for the day, and put my long hair in a ponytail. Yes, my hair is getting long. I have not had my hair the length I have it now in my lifetime. I have had long hair before until after grade school. I think I am having some of my childhood back by letting my hair grow long again but that is not really true. I am growing my hair for Locks of Love. So this morning I have decided to write a little bit since my afternoon is going to be fairly busy. DB is coming today at 3 PM to cook for the week instead of Thursday. I kind of like that for this week because of the upcoming holiday we call Christmas in the United States and some countries that do celebrate the holiday. I am going to have the best day possible today.

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