Recapping A Little and Good Morning

Recapping A Little 

Okay, my day got away from me yesterday more than I intended.  Phone calls left and right coming my way were very important than anything since now I am going to be leaving Almost Family by the 18th of this month because of the fact during the summer when certain changes in family care was taking place, Almost Family has changed their name (formally known as Rescare) and the company has been able to bill my insurance ever since June because they have the wrong code to put into the system to build.  So the next six to eight weeks now will be grueling.  My IRIS consultant and another IRIS worker are working on finding me another personal cares program in the meantime as we speak – since yesterday and some companies no longer do personal cares. I hope this situation will be resolved soon.  I dislike the idea of having to do this but it is not goof up at this point.  It is the fault of changing a company name at the time of changes being made in family care services for the state of Wisconsin.  It is sad really but I am not too happy about it.

Yesterday got away from me as well with no major plans so I got very lazy and talked to MM about my mishap so she is aware of the situation that I am now in having to look for another company for personal cares.  As MM listened to my messages before calling me, I she heard no distress or tears but emotion of distaste and be upset in a way but making sense of everything I have been faced with the past two days.  I have been very clear in what I understand.  I was not surprised when MM told me this but I was shocked at how much I had to say about the personal cares plan going awry because of a company not knowing something.  What happened is not my fault.  Someone decided to tell me the other day, which was practically 7 months down the road, that Almost Family has had this billing problem.  Changing from ResCare to Almost Family changed the coding of everything for MA recipients and i was one of a few clients that got the call about the billing issue.  It made me sick and very upset.  Sometimes people have to be aware of things before it gets so far out to notify the client of they’re billing issues.  UUGGHH!  This is one thing I have been dealing with, along with my IRIS consultant.

I did not even have time to write in my diary yesterday.

Good Morning

I am going to say good morning and get back to my diary later.  My IDS worker has just left a while ago and we got a lot done but we did not cook today.  We cleaned and rearranged a couple of things in my apartment, and now I do not have clutter in my home. Yay!  I even took the time to clean off the kitchen table today.  I have my dehumidifier out now and running.  It is in my living room and it is nice to have a clean, effective, and happy household.  I know I have been dealing with a lot of emotions the past two months now and dealing with an issue that was sprung onto me the other day, Tuesday, and that set off some feelings, but hopefully that will be straightened out soon.

With afternoon approaching soon, I am going to say adios for now and get some lunch.  I will be back later today if I do not lose track of time, lol.

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