In General

Once again this year I have no idea what I am going to title yet another entry here and today of all days.  I also believe that this is not going to be my only entry of the day.  I have a lot on my mind and I have to sift through my thoughts and organize them all into whatever categories they belong to right now without driving myself into an asylum somewhere.  I am dealing with a lot of emotion right now and I am doing my very best at sorting out everything I have control over and what I do not have control over.  I am just finding myself in a whirlwind of thought, emotion, and feeling things going on around me from the front, behind, left and right side, above and underneath me, and my head feels like it is spinning but it is not.  I am in control so far although I feel the need to scream at the top of my lungs until I cannot do it any longer as my throat gets sore.

I have decided to call this entry “In General”

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