Last Entry of the Night

With time spent with Bing Crosby the cat who was demanding some attention even though I did not mind the distraction.  I was not bothered whatsoever taking time with Bing Crosby the cat.  Now that Bing has gotten his time with his (“Mommy”) me.  I do love my cat very much and he does not demand time from me too often because most of the time I am always cuddling with him somehow.   Since I have been back home from Bible study I have not had the time to write my thoughts down enough once again because time is short and it is getting late quickly. I am not up until 10 PM anymore because of my daily schedule Monday – Saturday. I do my best at sleeping in on Sundays now since my showers are not until 4 PM on the weekends now with Santee Home Health Care taking care of me seven days a week with showers.  I do not want to be half asleep/awake so I do my best to be in bed by 9 PM every night but Wednesday evenings because of Bible study.  I cannot wait until the weather starts warming up again and winter passes by us in Wisconsin because it is very cold out this evening.

I am heading to bed shortly.  I am going to say good night.  I wish everyone a good night/good morning as well.  Wherever my DD friends are in the United States/world I do wish the best for everyone.  I did have a very good day all day long and when I had the opportunity to work on my finances from this week I was very happy to have found the calculation error I was having against my account balanced to the present date.  When I work on my finances I do it EVERYTIME I use any money for groceries, bills, dining in/out, and make sure I am balanced with my checking account to the date of transaction.  This month I had to tweak a couple of things by withdrawing out for quarters and a jar of Mr. “Pickles” Pickles in cash instead of writing Mr. “Pickles” a check not knowing when he will get the check cashed.  Now I just need to get in touch with Mr. “Pickles” his money but he is out EVERYDAY selling his pickles down the road a bit from here towards Beloit, Wisconsin.  He is rarely home when I can get him.  We seem to miss one another.  I will get to him real soon.  I will not get another jar of pickles UNTIL I PAY for the jar of pickles I have.  Good night.

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