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I went to Bible study last night at the Janesville SDA church Woodland Community.  We are now studying the Book of Galatians and we read and answered questions for chapter 1 of 6 chapters.  We finally finished the Book of Daniel last week after three months leaving the Janesville SDA church two weeks behind the Beloit and Delavan churches and this is a first this time around in Bible study.  It’s ok though.  The Janesville church does not always have an attendance that is large enough to hold a study occasionally.  Anyway…I got home before 9 PM which left me to have some time with Bing Crosby the cat before retiring to bed for the night.  In fact I was hoping to get back to my diary and write some more last night but it did not happen as I had planned which I do not find a problem at all.  Tenants were in the community room playing a game called “Train” and I went in to say hello to everyone even though I do not like all the tenants here.  I should be civil despite my feelings.  I need to consider looking at number that I had given a neighbor (a vet who travels) because it did not work for her.  Looking at the number I believe I had typed incorrectly into my phone and gave the neighbor the wrong number.  I hope so anyway.  DB will be here this morning for food preparation and I will ask her for the number again as this is the vet she uses for her fur babies and I have used him once already to get Bing his yearly vaccinations last summer since he does not travel very well.  Once I find out the number I will text my neighbor since I do have her phone number in my phone.

What am I going to do today?  I am having my shower in a few minutes, then DB will be here for food preparation, and then the rest of the day is all mine.  I will go on Facebook and do some reading of posts and comment, read and listen to devotions, shop online for a shredder at Best Buy, and what else comes to mind.  I would like to write a tribute about NMS but the timing is just not happening yet

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