Winter is Back and Still Some Trouble From Above

Let me take a moment and say that Wisconsin has snow once again.  We have had snow for the past several hours now and spring is supposed to be on its way soon.  It looks like, out of the control of human nature, winter has returned to our lovely state.  What a bummer and a downer.  With that said, spring will be on its way soon enough.  I have been home all day and inside with my 1:30 PM appointment cancelled due to an IRIS screener’s car having trouble with tires.  My appointment has been rescheduled for Friday at 2 PM and I heard that it is supposed to snow some more that day and night.  Not my favorite cup of tea or flavored water.  Despite not being to get out today I still got groceries, my laundry and cleaning done, and made the best of my day relaxing since my appointment was canceled.

It has come to that point in my life once again to report to the manager what has been going on above me in my neighbor’s apartment.  I do not know if my neighbor is in trouble for the second time now but something is going to be done.  If my neighbor does not like to abide by the rules of living in the same building as I do with many others there will be consequences and action done to prevent unruly actions from happening again. I have said this before, more than once, that I have vowed to keep myself from associating with other tenants in the building but I will be civil in passing and go my own way.  I do have a life that includes workers coming to my home every day – in the morning Monday through Friday and evenings Saturday and Sunday, and every Monday and Thursday I have another worker coming to my home to help with grocery shopping, cleaning and laundry, and food prep, and every Friday I see another worker just to sign papers that we have talked about appointments and rides for my appointments.  I have a busy life that does not include the tenants who live in Burbank Plaza Apartment Complex any longer.  I do not even bother going into the community room to play games or watch the games that are being played because tenants love to talk about others and the tenants that live here. It just makes me so sick to hear gossip and rumor run rampart in such a wonderful building as Burbank Plaza.  My happiness of living here does not must be destroyed because someone else decided to not play by the rules.  Consequences will be forthcoming one way or another.  I have said enough.  I feel I am the whistleblower in this situation with my neighbor above me and that feeling in indeed nothing but the truth.


It is late – after 9 PM – so I am going to say good night and come back another time.

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