I am still not going to feel guilty reporting/complaining to the manager about what my neighbor and her boyfriend to the point that she ended up getting notices for violating her rights to live here.  Today I heard, from a reliable source, that my neighbor has been telling other tenants that she was being evicted.  Now, I do know that something is going to be done at the end of the month but I do not know about an eviction.  I just know that my neighbor has violations against her because of my reporting/complaints this month.  I still do not feel guilty for what I had to do was right for a peaceful night and my own life isn’t in shambles because someone else does not want to play by the rules of living in an apartment complex with rules.  Anyway, my neighbor has allowed this man in her life, he is the one who has gotten her in trouble while living here and I was the one who reported/complained because I am one who does abide by the rules of living here, and I will not take being taunted or a victim of someone’s childish acts.

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