I Will Not Deny It

At this time (or any other) that I have been frustrated lately.  Despite my frustration, my attitude that (sometimes) needs to be adjusted when I am frustrated, and the anxiety/panic I deal with, I do my very best at living a normal life day and night.  Living with anxiety and panic (with depression sometimes) does make life a challenge and indeed a challenge I will take on within reason and great joy because I am alive thanks to God and His love.  I will not deny my feelings toward people can be (to me) hot and cold…I am only human with feelings like everyone else.  I have my fears.  I have my hopes and dreams.  I have my life to live and I choose it to be as peaceful as possible in such a chaotic world beyond my apartment door.

One of the things I love to do (publicly or privately) is to write in a diary in order to get my feelings, thoughts, and ideas out in the open where I find being verbal is a little more difficult.  I really do like being here at deardiary.net and really do not want to leave here.  I am going to stay but it might be more sporadic now than daily.  I will still need to vent from time to time but I believe I am gong to that in private more so than anything.  I need to go for now because today is Monday and I have errands to run today.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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