Another Day Has Come and Gone

Sometimes I feel that I do not understand my own self and why I obsess over the obvious little thing.  Sometimes my anxiety gets the best of me and I feel that no one understands.  Okay, some people understand, but not all.  If those who do not understand me as well as they probably would like were in my shoes for the past several years and then maybe there would be understanding.  Maybe.

It has been wet and rainy all day today.  That can dampen one’s mood in a flash if it happens ALL day and night.  Are we really expecting rain for several days now? I know it is April and April rains brings May flowers but raining for days…?? I do not like it. It does make me feel less happy and then I sit and think too much about things that are least of my worries and not really my problem.

I am rooting for my manager for Friday because Friday shall seal my neighbor’s fate of living here.  Her eviction hearing is Friday morning now and we hope that the hearing does happen because it did not happen as planned last Friday morning at 8 AM.  It has been, unfortunately, one of those weeks of problems and ongoing behavior or attitude from my neighbor and her stupid, idiotic boyfriend who just does not get it or care about others.  I doubt he even cares about my neighbor.  If he does care about her in any way, it is not for the good and betterment of her health.  My neighbor has changed from good to not caring about others as well as she plays the role of a good friend and I get nasty looks and comments under her breath while we are even in the same room, and lately I have not been in her space except a couple of times.  It’s pathetic and what she is doing is so obvious and not smart on her part.  I hope that my neighbor’s eviction goes through and she loses the case and my manager wins the case.  No one wants her boyfriend around anymore and I am still getting the brunt of everything they do upstairs in the apartment as I live below them.  I might as well say “their apartment” because he has been living here lately.

Well, I have to go to bed.

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