Chaos Gone

I know I have not been writing in my diary for a few days once again.  Why?  I have been busy.  It feels good to be busy once again without chaos being involved or added to my busy business.  To be very honest I have been thinking about some matters that are very important to me once again.  It has been wonderful having a quiet surrounding once again and the neighbor who was evicted has been gone since the 8th of May, allowing me to regenerate my mind from the chaos I was hearing on a regular basis and 24//7 for weeks.  In fact, to be very honest, once I have recovered from the chaos I found myself smack dab into another issue that was out of my control and something I did not want to hear about whatsoever.  When I had learned of the problem at hand I had become a very unhappy person and my chaotic mind that was released from its clutter became filled up again with clutter once again.  I became hot and scared at the same time.  I did not know what to do.  My support at IDS happened to be on vacation for the week and to return to work on May 22, 2017, and I found my support system rather gone at the wrong time – according to me – and I felt so lost and confused once again. I had a sounding board but she was different from my person of support and this other person was not my caseworker.  It made it seem tough in my head.

Today I had learned that issue that had come up at the most opportune time – not my timing and want – had finally been resolved over the weekend by the proper channels after all, and when I found out about this matter, I was so happy and excited.  Even though things do not happen when someone wants them to, it happens at the right time according to God.  When I had learned of the issue being resolved by a phone message, it was right after I had gotten ready for my day.  My day began slow but after my shower and getting ready for my day, happened to be an awesome beginning of my day.

Remember when I talked about the chaos that was happening here for weeks?  The tenant has been gone now since May 8th and it has been very quiet, and indeed peaceful.  I have fully recovered from that nightmare and feel rested and comfortable once again.  I am not so anxious now.  I am glad the chaos is over and I can move on with my life.  I do not like chaos, change, and insensitive people.  I am glad the chaos is over.  A new tenant is moving into the apartment above me June 1, 2017.  Ever since the former tenant and her boyfriend have been gone from this apartment building it has been quiet, and maintenance has been working up there to ready the place for the new tenant, and believe me, it is a welcome to hear regular noise from above me than the constant dropping and dragging, and stomping on the floor as my former neighbor’s boyfriend would do – on purpose – and the noise above me, while maintenance and management get the apartment readied for a new tenant, is indeed welcome

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