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Good evening and another late night.  We are having a period of rain and some thunder tonight in good ol’ Janesville this evening.  The windows are open and the rain smells wonderful and the thunder does not seem to be too threatening right now.  As for my day, I cannot and will not complain as the weekend is soon among us all in the United States.  I am so looking forward to the weekend as busy as my week has gone from Sunday to Thursday.  I am looking forward to a little bit of rest this weekend.  Today was a beautiful, sunny, and warm day in the 80s and I was not in my apartment all day in front of my computer playing games and writing.  I went out to eat with my friend DK this afternoon at our local Hometown Buffet then we went to Woodman’s for some things, then we came back to my place and I got my personal cares done for the afternoon and evening so DK could have some time to be home before heading back to work later in the evening.  As the afternoon wore on, after DK left for the day, I watched a movie on my Roku system called Satan’s School for Girls with Kate Jackson in it that aired in 1973 when I was either three years old or going to be three shortly afterwards.  After the movie, I watched an episode of Law & Order and then decided to turn the TV off for the retire for the evening into my bedroom to do some writing, posting, and some reading online as well play a game or two before finally retiring for the night.  I cannot and will not argue how my day went whatsoever today.  I am glad the “work” week is just about over and the weekend is about here!  Yahoo!


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