July 11, 2017 – 1

Another day has come.  For the week, I realize how busy I am.  Today is my Aunt J’s birthday.  I tried calling her this morning but she either not in the house or gone.  I wished her a happy birthday on voicemail and Facebook post.  I have already gotten 7,190 steps in today at 12:30 PM.  I am watching a recorded TV program from ID titled “Murder Comes to Town”.  I have been trying to write more than just in my diary or blog lately but I have not done that in quite a while.  I am fortunate that I can write in my diary every day now.  My week has started Sunday but it feels like just really started today for some reason.  No big deal or anything … it is just noticed is all.  I have until 3 PM/3:15 PM before personal cares so I am going to take my time today to do what needs to be done before my personal cares worker arrives.  I am going to meet a new worker today with DK training this worker.  The Santee Home Health Care company nurse is coming today as well for her two to three-month welfare check on how DK is doing. The idea of meeting a new Santee Home Health Care worker has mixed emotions right now.  With the owner of Santee Home Health Care growing in patients or homebound patients needing personal cares, SSL can no longer come when DK has a day or weekend off.  I am learning well to suck it up and get used to the changes coming…practically at moment’s notice.  It is nerving and annoying at the same time but if I do not get used to change faster, I am going to be stuck in a horrible rut and not grow as I learn.  That is the way life goes with me and many people like me I believe.

I have some things to do at my Empowr site so I am going to go for now.  I just want to get more things done there before 3 PM today and tomorrow because I no longer take my computer to my bedroom anymore.  I have had no need to and I do wish to get some good sleep at night now.  RS and her boyfriend are long gone now and my nights are wonderful again, and my new neighbor is a wonderful neighbor.  He’s very quiet and I rarely see tenants now-a-days.  I do not have visitors inside the building too often or not at all.  I keep to myself now.  I will be back later or another day.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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