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I am up early this morning and earlier than normal for a Thursday.  No, not able to sleep in today.  Personal cares have been changed to 3 PM Tuesday – Friday but this week my personal cares worker did not have to do a client the past couple of days and tomorrow (Friday) so she has been coming here at 8 AM.  She told me yesterday (Wednesday) that she preferred mornings with me but her schedule has changed because Santee Home Health Care Services has grown since I began in January as a client.

I have an appointment today.  I am getting my hair cut today.  I found a hairstyle I like/love and the hairstyle.  This is the hairstyle I want:  If not, I have two other choices that I really like as well.  They are:, and  I am not coloring my hair anymore and I would like to start over from short hair to long since my hair grows kind of fast for some reason.  I am very excited.

Right now, I am watching “Deadly Women” on ID.  I do not watch TV much anymore but I am doing so now.  I love the quiet.  I have decided to turn off the TV and record the episode that is on and watch it later.  I enjoy the quiet right now.  I am hoping today is going to be a good day.  It is going to be a good day and I am going to be happy.  Personal cares will be taking place in 45 minutes.  It is time to take meds.  More later.


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