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I do have to admit that August did not go out with a bang.  The last day of August went out with me going to the doctor to have a procedure done to see about my fistula but it has turned out that I do not have a working fistula any longer. The procedure did not happen after the ultrasound in the surgical room.  August 31, 2017 ended with disappointment.  Now I will be referred to the cardiologist to see what can be done for plan B for hemodialysis soon.  My nephrologist has promised me that.  I am disappointed and not a happy person right now.  Now there is only a pulse where the fistula brewie used to be.  I have cried, worried, wondered, and kicked myself in the rear end over this because I thought I did something wrong to prevent the fistula to just disappear. I am so glad August is gone even though I am wondering now what this month will bring outside a dental appointment, IDS closing at the end of the month, and services will change as of September 29, 2017.  I will still have DB as my worker through IRIS as I have hired her as my worker with IRIS.  I just will not have the support from MM at IDS any longer.

Since it is the first day of September, I do feel better about what happened yesterday.  I am glad that Friday has arrived because I always look forward to Sabbath and church no matter what mood I am … if I am not contagious or sick … lol.  I do have to admit that I have been looking forward to Sabbath each week for a long time now.  I do take my weekends very seriously now.  It is my time, my need to recover from the week, and still do what I love doing most.  I am glad September is now here.

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