I Need to Speak My Mind (Part 1)

For weeks now I have had certain thoughts run through my mind that deals with, more or less, my opinion, and thoughts from personal experiences.  I have a lot on my mind that just still sit and nag at me as if there is something I can do to help others and myself but I know that I need to help myself first before anyone else.  My driving focus to get rid of what is on my mind out in the open is not to air out my dirty laundry, problems, and issues that I have dealt with personally or have been involved in some way or another.  It is very nerving to have such an issue with, an argument, a problem with the mind you have grown up with all of your life to the present day and time of life.  I know we are human beings who God has created from the dust of the earth since the beginning of time but sometimes I wonder if I am the alien to other people and they are aliens to me.  I guess that makes us humans so different and unique but yet the same.  What is on my mind makes me different from some and the same as others.  This is the beginning of my need to speak my mind and ONLY the beginning.  There is MORE to come.  Look out!

With the need to speak and what is on my mind, it is going to be a series of posts from day to day for a while because I do have a lot to say, share, and express.  It is about time I did.  As time moves on ahead and my day begins close and bedtime is looming not long from now, I want to say that my thoughts are going to be expressed openly and not everyone is going to understand, believe, feel, and maybe not want to play in the same field as me.  My life is complicated and I am going to make it less complicated by design.  The world is going to get to know me a little more after today!


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