February 1 and again yesterday February 8 I had written about politics.  My feelings about politics are what they are from what I understand reading news articles and what is seen on TV when I have it on.  One of my favorite TV shows I love to watch is The Talk.  With Julie Chen, Eve, Sharon Osborne, Sara Gilbert, and Sheryl Underwood.  Why do I like the show?  The five women talk about various things that are happening in today’s society all around us whether it may bring something good or not so good out.  They talk about things that are controversial and sit at a round table and discuss their thoughts about the topics they bring to the show every Monday through Friday.  I have seen and heard a good share, and it is not over yet, about certain topics that want me to turn the TV off and not listen.  Sometimes I find the conversations among the five women worthwhile because it is nice to hear what others have to say or understand.  Now, this is where I get a little perturbed – not about The Talk – about other talk shows like The View.  So many people are so harsh in their beliefs in politics and it has been going on for as long as we became a divided Nation.  I am getting sick and tired of the Government not able to make decisions because we are divided between two parties who will not work together.  It is sad, actually, and it disappoints me that we have to be divided and not share what is for everyone.

With my thoughts on politics yet not all written in my diary yet, this is only a start of my thought process.  I am not going to hide behind someone anymore when it comes to my political beliefs and understanding.  If I do not understand something, I know who I can talk to.  I am friends with Republicans and Democrats.  What is discussed between us stays between us and that is when I will not share my political beliefs publically in a diary.  We have a right to disagree and walk away and still be friends with the people we have in our lives.  I also have enough understanding that the political realm of life is what it is, and it does coincide with religious understanding as well.  Due to the time of day and evening, I have to say good night for now and get back here sometime tomorrow if time is allotted.  I do have a lot to say

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