Only My Thoughts Politically and Not Truth Nor Fact

I do have to admit I have a lot to say about politics and religion these days.  I have been listening and reading the news, and watching The Talk on TV, and Dr. Phil, and some other regular TV programs that deal with issues of the world even though some shows do not depict that that the incidents are not real events.  With that said, I can say that TV shows that show incidents that do happen in real life does amaze me at times.  The Talk hosts talk about a variety of things that are happening in today’s world and society, in the news, and in the lives of celebrities and real people.  Dr. Phil talks about issues among the guests of the show and the audience who have paid for tickets to come see Dr. Phil at work and he talks about real issues.  I love watching Criminal Minds, Law & Order, and the Law & Order series that came after as well as many shows in syndication — Law & Order being one of them.  I wish it was Netflix.

Politics, religion, sex orientation, and beliefs are very hard to talk about among people.  We are divided because we are own person or people who believe and understand differently.  Let me give my thoughts on politics. I know for a fact there are people who do not like Donald Trump as our President of the United States (POTUS), but I happen to like him.  I know he comes across harsh because I have seen the Apprentice and saw him on the news for years for his thoughts, words, and doings.  I also know for a fact that many people do not like people like President Trump because they are so rich, do not care about the classes lower than them, and what else rich people can be like.  My thoughts about people who have more money than I do can do whatever they want with it as long as it does not affect me.  I am a Republican and I do not care if you are a Democrat, but the nastiness towards the President of the United States needs to stop.  It is ridiculous, and many people are acting childish as far as politics are concerned.  The parties in the government need to work together instead of against.  I do not like all the Governors myself, but there is nothing I can do or wish to do.


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