My Friday

An Outing

What can I say about today?  I can say a lot and I have time to write about my day before heading to bed.  Today was wonderful.  I got out this morning after personal cares with DKF.  We had time to run an errand before going to a place called US Nails.  Yes, DKF and I were going to get our nails done and her daughter was going to meet us there.  While DKF and her daughter had quality time together, I sat and had my nails done as well.  I have not been pampered like I felt this morning getting my nails done.  I did not have tips or fake nails put on.  I just had a manicure done on my natural nails and had them shaped nicely (French) and painted with nail polish of my choice (not the tips).  The girls who worked on my nails did a great job and the cost was very reasonable and comfortable, and how they treated me with respect, US Nails has me as a customer.

After going to US Nails, DKF and I went through the drive-thru of Taco Bell, and then she brought me home for the rest of the morning until she was able to come back this afternoon for a while to do more IRIS time with me after working with a couple of other clients.  DKF is one amazing person in my book.  She is an advocate for the disabled and elderly when she needs to be and that is one awesome thing I love about her.  She was doing her best to advocate for a client yesterday while she was here yesterday afternoon, but the situation was hard to find a solution for since it happens to be the start of the weekend.  Now, I do not mind DKF working with someone on the phone when it comes to a need while she is working with me because having her here is enough for me even though sometimes I wish her phone would stop ringing off the hook for other unimportant things.

In the Mail

In the mail today, I had gotten a letter from Santee Home Health Care stating that the company will be closing as of March 9.  I have learned why the company will be closing and that will remain private because the reason is what it is.  I can say that when you start a business you have to be aware of certain rules and regulations as there are people out there watching and paying attention.

Now, way before I had learned of the reason why Santee Home Health Care was closing their doors for good, I have decided to go to IRIS 100%, I was already getting my paperwork done with my IRIS consultant JR to get away from Santee Home Health Care.  My thoughts and feelings toward Santee Home Health Care were not bad nor did I want to leave SSL under bad terms of any kind, I felt that the paperwork could be simplified because signing 2 time sheets can be a hassle some days, lol.  I do not write well anymore because I have used a computer keyboard for many years now for practically EVERYTHING!

So now with Santee Home Health Care closing their doors on March 9, I will start personal cares on March 10 officially.  I just need to find another worker who will work well with me and DKF

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