Wrapping My Mind Around It …

In addition to my latest entry on April 17, I do have to say that Mr. D’s passing away had finally wrapped around my mind that he is gone and the thought of him being gone now has given me a lot of mixed feelings.  I am glad that he is not suffering anymore and yet at age 70 he had died young.  He has health issues for a while and had been in the hospital on and off since the summer 2017 with ongoing health issues and risks, and once those risks were handled, he has been in rehab off and on.  It is just one 0f those things I have been having trouble wrapping my mind around in a way.  My wrap would always find a knot or two of confusion.  When I had decided to talk to Mrs.; M about the dream I had yesterday, that was when we had made plans to talk on the phone around 7 PM last evening.  Although I waited as patiently as possible for the call to take place, the dream was on my mind since I had it.  When Mrs. M called she told me that Mr. D had passed away and just got word of it herself.  The dream, as odd as it was, made sense then.


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