Stress Test Done!

My stress test is done, and I am glad of that. I was there from 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM as it takes 4 hours to do. Getting the IV in was not a challenge, but I do have to admit that I thought it was going to be because since the fistula was placed in my left arm and does not work after being placed November 15, 2016, my veins in my arms are hard to find or they explode the moment I am poked for monthly or bi-monthly labs for kidney check. Sometimes it is a task looking for veins that will not blow the minute the needle punctures the skin and vein. I am glad it wasn’t for the stress test.

I will be very honest with you here as I had freaked out the moment I heard that the doctors up in Madison wanted me to have a stress test done as one of the tests to be put on the waiting list for a kidney transplant or any transplant waiting list out there. Here I am today, the day after the stress test was scheduled and done, able to say it is not so bad. So many people have misconceptions of stress tests, so those who do, I am going to settle those misconceptions right down, okay? From the beginning to the end of the tests, the operator of the machine, will tell you want the medicine is that is going to be put in the IV, what it will do, what the machine will show them, and how long the test is going to be, and my test took all but four minutes. They also told me how the medicine will make me feel and that is maybe nausea, headachy, and a tightness in the chest. Okay… I felt nausea and headachy, but not the tightness in my chest. Because I was not able to get on the gurney (too high), I was able to sit on my walker’s seat (the chair I always bring with me, lol), and watch the screen as the operators were doing. Once the test was over, I got the IV out, and I waited for another hour to have pictures taken of my heart, which was also done before the stress test.

I have to admit that waiting for the tests and pictures being done was a hard thing to do although I did wait patiently without getting too anxious because my PC (personal cares) worker DKF was with me. The idea of waiting in the waiting room with an IV in my arm was not my idea of fun really. I would have settled for a little room with a curtain, so no one can see you, but the radiology/cardiology department at Mercy Hospital does not do that…apparently. That is the only uugghh part of it all that disappointed me. The waiting part, with an anxiety disorder, does not mix too well either. Watching TV in the waiting room was not always easy either when it comes to shows there are very opinionated people on a TV show like the View. Not my idea of fun, but on Kelly and Ryan, I was able to see Henry Winkler!!! He was a plus (+) in my book and still handsome after all these years since the Fonzie days!!! I was glad I was able to get out of the hospital as an outpatient before 2 PM.

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