The Middle of the Week

My absence the past few days have been what they were because I did not know how to put my thoughts together.  Some things have happened the past few days that have been somewhat of a shock as well as planned.  I rarely hear from my aunt as I always usually call her.  She called to tell me that there was a death in the family – a cousin.  My heart does go out to the aunt who lost her daughter.  This aunt has lost a son and daughter in an 8-year period of time because of health issues unknown until after death.  The cousin who died 8 years ago died of heart attack while this cousin who passed away a week ago Wednesday died from a blood clot.  My Aunt who called was Aunt J.  The Aunt who lost her daughter is Aunt D.  Also, I learned that Aunt D was in the hospital for a bad UTI and other issues.  Aunt D is in her late 80’s.

I got to see my dad from AR today.  His wife, SBK, was heading to ND & MN with her sisters and brother for a few days.  While Dad visited, he talked about Aunt D and my cousin’s death.  I knew that the family dynamics in the family not good in some areas, but I did not know how bad or crazy it was or sounded.  There is always love, hate, deceit, and other major problems just like what we see in the daytime dramas/soap operas on TV.  Why bother watching shows like that?  I used to watch shows like daytime dramas/soap operas to escape the real world, but I don’t anymore.  Anyway, seeing my dad today was a good treat.  I will be seeing Dad and SBK this coming week when she returns home from her travels.

My sister is doing fine where she is at, working hard at Target.  Way to go, KLK!

Although my heart goes out to my Aunt D for losing two of her children in an 8-year period, I am a little frustrated with my aunt.  What has happened to my aunt?  It seems her will to live to has become a burden to her.  I know she is in her late 80’s, but the idea of her will to live has brought a taste in my mouth that is not a pleasant taste at all.  From what I understand, she may not go home again, but that is yet to be determined.

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