The Fourth of July

Please forgive me for not posting any of my diary entries here at Dear Diary as I write them but I do have them written.  I am not doing anything special right now for Independence Day here in Wisconsin.  I am not sure if the fireworks program will be running tonight because it has rained a little this evening.  I haven’t had the time or need to celebrate the day with others although it is still Independence Day in my heart and my day always honors the United States flag.  Since I have gotten older and have limited means of transportation, my need to see the fireworks display is no longer a big deal to me.  The reason to celebrate the 4th of July with fireworks is still a big deal to me because it is a holiday.  I have been to a couple of real good programs representing the holiday in my lifetime.  One was when I just turned 17 while visiting my mom for the month of July in 1987 and in Madison, Wisconsin with a gentleman who used to be a very good and trusted friend.   I am, more or less, one of those people who likes to stay close to home now-a-days even though I do get out to the grocery store once a week or every two weeks, out to eat once in a while, get my hair and nails done once a month, and get the Y twice a week when I can with my IRIS employee DKF.  I do not have the desire to be  as spontaneous like I once was even though I am still on the go.

Even though I do not celebrate the Independence Day like I used to, I would like to wish everyone a happy 4th of July and wish/hope everyone has a safe day with festivities, celebrations, and fireworks.  I live in a neighborhood where families will be shooting off their own fireworks all around the area.  I am going to have a cat, Bing Crosby, who will be hiding from the cracks and booms he hears because he does not like hailstorms, thunderstorms, and fireworks.  I have gotten used to the sounds of fireworks throughout the years even though loud booms make me jump right out of whatever I am doing at the time.  The same goes for thunderstorms.

It is getting late.  It is going to be 9 PM CST in a few minutes.  My medication for sleep is making me tired and a little slow at getting thoughts written down because my fingers are beginning to make a lot of typing errors as I go along here.  Tomorrow, Thursday, July 5, is going to be another day.  DKF will be here at 7 AM or so to help with personal cares for a couple of hours.  I will find time to get entries from July 2 and 3 posted tomorrow.  Good night dear readers and friends.

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