A Busy Day & Changes in the Progress

Today has been a fine day. I was busy from morning to now and I thought it would be a great time to write before retiring to bed. I went to get my nails done at my favorite place. Time was a little crunched, but DKF and I had everything done by noon and home to relax and eat some lunch together before she left to work with another client for the day. I did not get to go to the grocery store with her because it got real busy where I was getting my nails done. Ever since DKF became my primary IRIS hired worker, I have been getting my nails done once a month since March or April at the beginning of the month.

After DKF for the afternoon to go to another client, I decided to take it easy for a while before Pastor Van and his wife CV came over. My birthday was last month and my parents from AR decided help me get a new desk and couch. I have asked Pastor Van if he could put the desk together for me when it got here. I did not expect my desk to arrive until Monday, August 6, but when DKF walked out my door…was about to anyway, the box the desk was in was right in front of my door and DKF would have run into it, LOL. So when Pastor Van and Carol got here, he did not mind having a little project to do.

It does pay to make changes in one’s life, meaning my own in this case, and I have to admit that it might do me some good even though right now I am a little overwhelmed with everything happening so fast. I know I will be okay as time moves right along at whatever pace it decides until the overwhelming feeling subsides. The desk is up and ready to be used so tomorrow after church I will begin utilizing my new desk.

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