Expressing Some Thoughts

I cannot believe that it is already Wednesday. Where is my week going? It is going by fast and knowing what people call Wednesdays is “Hump Day”. Amazing what people come up with as far as a meme or saying that has gone nationwide. Now I am pretty much into memes and certain sayings and at my age, it makes the teenagers of today embarrassed to have someone saying their phrases. Being considered old and ancient. I remember when I was 12 years old and though age 38 was old. Now at age 48, I am indeed in the category of being old to teenagers, LOL.

Today I talked to the manager about what is going around the building now and it is just pretty laughable now that I am supposedly moving out, but on Sunday when I heard about the rumor I was moving out did bother me quite a bit. Now I am totally convinced that either I have been lied to by the person who said there was a rumor going around about me moving out or the same person is just a big story teller. I am not trusting anything that comes out of this tenant’s mouth again to be true anymore. I am just going to continue minding my own business from now on. I have to consider the source and the people this tenant hangs out with as well remember that cliques do exist and I am not part of one. Staying close to home on the inside of my apartment, being with my church family, being with my IRIS hired workers is pretty much all I need to worry about right now anyway. I do wish that I had my own home instead of living in an apartment complex that is a community in itself like Peyton Place. I am so glad this place is not like Melrose place, but I do have to admit that has happened here as well. A tenant or two have made this place a brothel at one time as well, LOL… A couple of men tenants have allowed women prostitutes in here to have sex and to fill their needless desire. Sick, right? I believe those tenants are no longer here, but I am not sure. I do know one tenant is no longer here because I have not seen him. Sometimes I wonder about people and their needs when it is really unnecessary in God’s eyes to fill a sexual need. I do like to talk about other people this way, but someone like me who observes things can tell what is going on before finding out from someone who is indeed trustworthy — the manager.

On July 31 I started to make some changes in my life. I planned on donated my big desk and futon to the Salvation Army and what happened was the desk did not go with the Salvation Army workers as planned. Either they were too lazy to get it out of here or were not prepared to take out a fifteen year desk that was big. The bigger gentleman said that it was not going to sell because it was broken in an area that could not be seen, and the top of front of the desk was cracked where plastic was coming off. Unfortunately the desk was here until August 2 when it was taken out of here by another organization more effectively and gone in twenty minutes. Well, on Tuesday, August 7, I called the pick up service and made a complaint against the big gentleman because of unChristian attitude and the fact the desk was in good condition to sell. I told the supervisor that I will give the Salvation Army pick up service one more chance if I needed to donate again in the future and the supervisor told me that the situation the occurred on July 31 will be taken care of and it will not happen again.

It is time to say good night and God bless. Another day begins tomorrow and it is important to be awake and aware of my surroundings now. Good night and God bless.

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