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I can not argue how my day has come and gone. With DKF and her grandson DP here for lunch. We had Chinese food for lunch. They were here until 5 PM and the rest of the evening and night was all mine since DKF’s husband did not make it today to help me with a burned out light bulb in the bathroom and take away my DVD player that is acting up because it is old and the door opens and closes on its own from time to time during the day. Full House was on all day while DP was here because the show DKF and I have been watching — Ghost Whisperer — is a show that I consider not for young boys like DP. This week we are forfeiting our marathon watching to something else while DP is here for the day. I do have to admit that it does feel good that I am having good days again.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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