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I am home from church now and I have until 5 PM before my IRIS hired worker AR gets here the rest of the afternoon and evening. I thought I would write in my journal/diary for a few minutes. The sermon was awesome. We learned about Jesus being alive today and with him being alive in heaven reminding us we have the hope of his return to come to get us all when it its time. The bad thing about all this is not everyone believes in Jesus and what he did for us or even believe in him at all. I am one who believes in Jesus/God. Why? I have been a miracle ever since I was born and I believe that I did not get this far all alone even though when I was a little girl, a teenager, and young(er) adult, I did not understand why I am here with all that has happened to me through the years that has gotten me this far in my life. As a kidney transplant recipient of 30 years, now, and knowing that kidney transplants do not last as long as my transplant has, I have an understanding why I am here today. I know I talk about my kidney transplant a lot, but I do not do it to brag because two years ago I learned of my kidney’s slow decline because of kidney disease called Glomerulonephritis. Two years later, celebrating 30 years with great joy although I am celebrating every month or two now with my kidney counts staying stable. God does exist or we would not be here today. My heart aches that there are people who do not believe in God. Even the demons believe God/Jesus is real and alive. That is why Satan/Lucifer the fallen angel who thinks he can be greater than God himself is doing his best at winning souls over on his side and saying God is bad. God is not bad. God is good.

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