Grandma Van

I had gotten a call a few minutes ago.  You know the type of phone call that you dread or waiting for that is not good news.  Yes, I got one of those phone calls.  CF, Pastor Van’s sister, called to let me know that Grandma Van was not doing well and was dying, and she will keep me in touch.  Grandma Van, who I got to know in the past seven years now, is going to be sleeping until the Jesus’ second coming.  My heart goes out to the Van family and the relatives who dearly love Grandma Van very much.  Despite what happens to Grandma Van, CF told me that we were going to have Thanksgiving together and that it will now include Pastor Van as well because he will be flying home to be with his mom for her last hours.  He and his wife went to AZ to be with their kids for Thanksgiving. Pastor Van will be coming home for a couple of days and then returning to AZ to be with family for Thanksgiving. Grandma Van’s days of life on earth have been numbered for some time.  Her health has been going downhill for a while now.  In the meantime I will wait for updates from this day forward.

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