The Rest of the Day

The rest of the day I spent being given blood for my anemia, IV antibiotics for the UTI that was not yet gone or has been there for a while without symptoms.  Remembering the catheter being used to get my urine in the ER was an unpleasant experience as I do not like being touched down there as I have a sensitive private area and I am tight down there because of cerebral palsy.  Dr. A,  my nephrologist came in to visit me and told me what his plans were to help me with my situation/health that needed medical attention.  He told me what he wanted to do and this evening I had a catheter put in to have my urine checked and measured for the remainder of my hospital stay and had been put on fluids to see if my creatinine would go down.  I believe I am in for a long haul this time.  Dr. A wants me healthy again before going home.

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