Winter Weather and Pet Peeves

More Winter Weather Comin’

         Another bout of wintry weather is coming our way in SC Wisconsin.  I am not looking forward to it because it makes it hard for my IRIS worker DKF to get out. We are expecting sleeting rain and very icy roads, driveways, and parking lots.  Bad winter weather is not my favorite cup of tea to drink and swallow. The weather will begin tomorrow. I might not be able to have services tomorrow and Thursday.  I have to make do if DKF does not make it tomorrow and Thursday.

Pet Peeves I

Noise Before 8 AM

         Call me a complainer if you wish to, but I am not complaining.  DKF knows I am feeling a certain way right now when it comes to a certain neighbor who lives above me.  I do like the neighbor as a person even though we are not friends, and he is not at all like RS and her boyfriend.  I am just being awakened at 5 AM every morning with him dragging his chair along his floor/my ceiling, and then I hear him and his seeing-eye dog getting ready to go outside so she can do her business.  I will not talk to the manager KR about it another day.  I would like to do it right now, but it could be that I am being very sensitive to apartment living noises right now.  I was spoiled at the hospital for nine days with quietness and I did get some decent sleep while there.   I just have to hang in there right now.

Pet Peeves II

Please Excuse Me for Expressing My Thoughts on Smoking

         I am not a smoker although I did try smoking for two weeks. It was something my maternal grandma and I had made a pact. I was 21 years old and those two weeks was only an experiment.  Grandma hoped that I would not get to the point of being addicted.  Luckily, I did not get addicted.  I got carded a lot because I did not look my age.  If I have to be carded all my life for alcoholic drinks at a bar and cigarettes, it is not worth to pay for those things.  I am glad I do not smoke, and my grandma took our pact to the grave with her and now here I am admitting that I have smoked for a very short time.

         Now, today, I am sitting here wondering how anyone could smoke so much in one day. I have neighbors here at Burbank Plaza Apartments who smoke,  Tenants could have smoked in their apartments from 1998 through to 2003 when smoking in apartments became a rule to do it outside 20 feet away from the apartment. I just find it disgusting when I see a certain tenant outside having a three to four times in an hour.  I also find it disgusting seeing tenants smoking where I can see them out back in a certain part of the parking lot.  I do not care of people smoke because it is not body the drug is not in my body.  I have a feeling that the tenants who smoke do not care about their bodies and health.  What others do is not my problem even though I am concerned about the people in my life.

When I did the smoking experiment under grandma’s knowledge only,  I knew that I was putting my transplant kidney now five years out since 1988 at risk, and this why I stopped as well.  I was not going to ruin my good health.  I am glad I did not get addicted to nicotine!

Pet Peeves III

Barking Dogs in the Lobby

I love dogs of all breeds and sizes believe me, but I believe barking dogs need to be outside unless they get excited about something, they see out the window of their living quarters.  Dogs can be taught how to use their inside barking noises if the owner of the dog trains them.  A few tenants have dogs as pets, but there is one tenant’s dog that seems to bark in the lobby.  He is a small dog, a mix breed, and he is also a puppy.  The only thing about his barking in the lobby is that it sounds bigger than he truly is by size as his bark echoes down the hall, and I am not that far from the lobby.

Capping Things Up

Pet Peeves

I just wish that neighbors in an apartment complex would get along with others or stay in their apartments so they wouldn’t destroy someone’s day.  I have had my fair share of run ins with tenants while living here at Burbank Plaza Apartment Complex since I moved in March 1998.  Elderly tenants have been afraid of the younger tenants coming here for years.  When I moved in here in 1998, I was 28 years old and never have been the wild party type of girl.  The elderly tenants never have to worry about me.  Moving to Burbank Plaza was necessary as I am not the roommate type of gal. Living in an apairtment building is it’s own community, a neighborhood of its very own.

Not Looking Forward to Bad Winter Weather Coming Again

         Winter can be beautiful, and we have been very spoiled with spring temperatures for most of the winter, and now since January 22, we have experienced a true winter of snow, sleet and ice, arctic cold temperatures that WKOW called polar vortex last week.  Well, this week, I am not looking for the wintry weather causing the roads to be dangerous to drive reasonably, but we do not have control of seasonal weather. The bad weather begins tomorrow.

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