My Sabbath Has Begun

My Sabbath Has Begun

            A new month has begun, and February 2019 is gone except through memories. Since a new day has begun, I am here to do what is necessary for the day.  The weekend has arrived now, and it is kind ofpast my bedtime, but I will not be attending church in the morning. Sabbath has begun at sundown at 5:45 PM this evening.  I thought that since I am up later than usual, I would write in my diary while I am listening and watching Amazing Factsthis evening.  Doug Bachelor is one of my favorite speakers.  I am getting tired, but not tired enough to sleep yet.  Am I going to have another sleepless night?  Maybe … at the rate I am going at it tonight.  Since MC is not working for me right now because she has been in the hospital due to her breaking her left hip when she fell, DKF will make sure that I have personal cares done over the weekends until I find someone new to work with me on the weekends.  So now, after 9 PM, I am writing in my diary about my Sabbath – a day God rested after creating the earth and our first couple.  The day of rest was made by God and not by men on earth.  In Mark 2:27 (NIV) states that “the Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath” … was said by Jesus himself.  Amen … so in truth, it is notmySabbath, but God’s and He, too, wants me to rest on Sabbath.  That is what I am doing now this evening until 5:47 PM Saturday evening. Exodus 20:8 (NIV) says “remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy” and Matthew 12:8 (NIV) says “For the Son of Man is the Lord of the Sabbath.”

            Once again, I am not here to cram or stuff my Sabbath beliefs down your throat as it is your choice to do so.  I can only share my beliefs with others and pray for all who need God for some reason or another.  There are days I need prayer and God’s hand in my behalf as my life is not always a bowl of ripe cherries every day.  I struggle from time to time with depression, anxious moments/anxiety, fears and other emotions like everyone else.  My health is not 100% at the moment, either as my transplanted kidney after almost31 years as of March 12 is failing to work properly.  I am leaving my kidney’s health in God’s hands even though I have moments of fear of my future because I do not know what is going to happen.  As a Christian I profess to be, want to share my struggles and thoughts with others despite struggles.  I am human.  Sometimes I believe Bing Crosby the Cat is smarter than I am when it comes to struggling and feeling unsure of myself at any given moment or length of time.  Still I do not want to shove my beliefs down anyone’s throat – NEVER!

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