Feeling Life Can Be Challenging

I do have to admit that I feel I do not have no time to write in my diary like I once did so long ago. I have noticed one thing.  Ever since I was not feeling well between October 2018 through to May 6, 2019 my time of writing in a diary or being online was close to none.  I have become more private than before and while I was in the hospital during my April 24 – May 6 stay, I rarely saw a stranger or cared to see certain people. My hospital stay took a little longer than planned because of a med conflict, another UTI, and by the time May 6 came around, I was ready to jump ship and leave the hospital, and begin outpatient dialysis the following day, May 7.  Today, about three weeks later, I am glad to be home and comfortable, and in my own space even though my feelings towards strangers has changed to nil.

Author: ksmiley

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