“Brain Loop”

This entry will be one of those entries of a bad day.  Yes, up until evening, I had one of those days that caused what I call a “brain loop” (starting today).  What is a “brain loop”?  It is when I fixate on one thing and today, I fixated on the UTI I may have or do have. My urine is cloudy, and  I did not sleep well the night before because my bladder felt constricted, my stomach was feeling constricted and I could not the quiche DKF brought for me this morning.  Although I had a busy morning out getting my groceries between 8 – 9 AM and then my nails done between 9:30 – 10:30 AM, I do not feel right down in my private area. Also, with it being a Wednesday, DKF’s time with me was until 11:45 AM and that puts a crunch on time for her once in a while.  After I got home from my morning errands, DKF left for the day leaving me alone for the rest of the day.  Sitting here watching TV or trying to, my mind kept thinking on what to do about my infection.  I had called the dialysis center and what I heard did not help the “brain loop” I was already in.  It made me feel worse.  I was able to talk to one of Dr. A’s nurses and she told me what to do with my situation and so I complied.

A UA will be confirmed by Dr. A, I am supposed to take one of my UA sample cups and get a sample done in the morning, and take it to the dialysis center to have in analyzed while Dr. A waits for the results and if needed culture.  With that, I began to feel better and things began to release as far as the constriction in my stomach was concerned.  It was just one of those bad days.  I know I will be okay.  It is just going to take time this time as I come down from the “brain loop” I have been in for the past few hours.

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