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            Here is my Friday.  I had personal cares, got dressed for the day, had breakfast and lunch, and dinner. DKF left at 9:30 AM this morning to run an errand before her next client, and the rest of the day I read, cuddled with Bing Crosby the Cat, did some stuff online at Empowr, watched Dateline: Secrets Uncovered all day from 7:30 AM to 4 PM, watched Judge Jwudy for a few minutes, and then decided to get some more stuff done online before 6:30 PM while watching Wheel of Fortune – a game show I rarely watch now-a-days – and then at 7 PM, I will watch Through the Decades with Ken Kurtis – I believe that is his name anyway.  I did finish reading “The House with Closed Doors” earlier today. Now I am reading a Murder, She Wrote story.  I have read two other Murder, She Wrote stories so far.  Reading is one of my favorite things to do when at dialysis, listening to TV, or just wanting to escape the real world for a while.  When I read a good book or story, I get into the story with time passing by very quickly.  Friday evening I do not worry about going to bed until 9 – 10 PM.  My Fridays are low-key and if I ever go out, it is before 9:45 AM because DKF has to leave by then for her next client.  It was fairly quiet except for the wind outdoors making my living room and bedroom curtains move back and forth.  It was a little noisy and it somewhat made me frustrated.  Even though the wind made me frustrated, I did not get up to open up the curtains a little bit to stop them from moving from the wind, I had gotten used to it.

            It is after 7 PM here now and Through the Decades is on.  Once the show is over, I am going to take my sleep medication (Melatonin), listen to some music, and go to bed for the night. I have dialysis in the morning at 9:15 AM and AR will be here by 8 AM to help with personal cares, and I will be getting dressed for the day, and then give Bing his Sabbath treats, and spend my morning at the dialysis center with other patients.  I am heading off for the night and will be back as soon as I can over the weekend.  Although my weekend begins every Friday at sundown because of it being Sabbath, my dialysis weekend begins once I leave the dialysis center after my Saturday treatment.  Good night and God bless, and may your night be the best possible night.

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