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Another day has begun here around 5:30 AM.  I laid in bed until 6:15 AM cuddling with Bing Crosby the Cat and decided to get myself up and going for the day.  I have an appointment this morning at 8:30 AM at Mercy Hospital to get an ultrasound done to find a place for a fistula or graft for hemodialysis. Right now I have a catheter and that was placed on April 24.  It is working fine, but it is only temporary.  Yesterday I had a good friend AD pray with/for me and my upcoming appointment today and also prayed for God’s guidance of the professionals doing the test. I am not surprised how well AD can pray. She does a great job.  God guides her.  I have loved AD for years.  While I was in bed last night, she had texted telling me that a friend of hers had a prayer for me regarding today.  Waking up to that this morning was great comfort.  Dr. Anjum was at the dialysis center yesterday morning and afternoon. We spoke about my dry weight, my water weight, my upcoming appointment today and my fear of infection with a fistula and graft, and he told me in detail about infections occurring in a fistula and graft comparing it to the catheter I have right now.  He had relieved me from my fear, and I can now breathe with ease without the feeling of anxiety and panic rising.  Satan is very good at making me feel down on a regular basis, but I am now learning how to keep my chin up more than I have done so in the past which includes Saturday and yesterday.

I have no major plans for the day after my appointment.  DKF will be here any minute now for personal cares, getting dressed for the day, and getting to my appointment.  If I can, from this day forward and every day, I plan on writing in my diary in real time before my day begins.  If I get up at 5 AM, even 6 AM every morning, I have one to two hours of time to write and get things done.   Why not…right?


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