Dialysis & Dialysis Thoughts

It is dialysis day for me so from 9:15 AM for 3 ½ hours.  No worries…hopefully.  Tuesday was a good day.  I was able to see Dr. A who was visiting the clinic and ask very important questions and listen to what he had to say.  Today, finding time to write an entry before leaving for dialysis, I find myself feeling pretty good.  I have my little wonder about how dialysis is going to begin, but  it so small.  If something does not work right, the techs and nurses are on finding the solution to make things work properly or better.  I remember one day, the anxiety climbing, having to have Cath Flow because my catheter was not flowing the best.  It was scary for a while until I learned about the medicine that was going inside my catheter until my next dialysis day which was Saturday.  Knowing and understanding dialysis as each day and week passes, I find myself in awe how the machines clean the blood of toxins and takes whatever fluid out of your body.  Learning that hemodialysis has been around for fifty years when I was hospitalized in April even amazed me.  Yes, I had considered hemodialysis when I had learned of that I had total kidney failure 31 ½ years ago, but given the time, the doctors said no to it then. Today I was given the choice because my kidney disease of my transplanted kidney has been a slow decline.

I need to go for now and come back later today to write more.  Time is getting close for me to go to the dialysis center for a while.  It has been a great pleasure being able to take time to write this morning for a few minutes before my day begins.  I hope my friends and readers have a good rest of their morning or day wherever they are at.  TTFN


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