Where did June go?  Today is the last day of June 2019 forever.  This month has been, apparently, very busy.  Another day and morning has come, and I am watching “Unforgettable” on Decades weekend binge right now.  I remember the show being on, but I never watched it.  Now I wish I did. I love the show.  I like Poppy Montgomery and the actors/actresses in the show.  The first season episode 21 is on right now.

            I planned on getting to my diary yesterday, but it did not happen.  I am here now for a moment to say hello and good morning as I begin my day at 8:30 AM.  I have been up since 4 AM and dozing here and there while watching/listening to TV and having a cat on my lap wanting some “mommy” time with me.  I did not sleep well last night.  In fact I have not slept well this whole weekend since Friday night.  I think it is because of the heat and I have something nagging at me for some reason.  I want my sleep back!

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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