Unexpected Incident

Oh my goodness gracious.  I had one of those days today.  With dialysis, some things are expected like clotting in the machine or in the catheter and today it happened.  This time it happened in the machine and in my catheter.  Another dose of Cath Flow was placed in my catheter.  I have gotten used to the idea of what happens to the catheter.  In other words, I do not panic anymore.  I go with the flow.  It is the afternoon that I would love to tell about, but first let me say that I am not happy whatsoever.

            AR sent me a text.  She quit with no notice as she said she quit effective immediately and told me why.  I tried calling DFK and my IRIS consultant about it.  DKF called me back shortly after while I was talking to JR (consultant). So now AR will not be here anymore. I called MC to see if she would like to work for me again since she is now healed from her broken hip. From February and March 2019.  MC is coming back.  Secondly, I have to admit that I did this in one afternoon.  The day AR quits, MC gets hired back even though it is something I did not want to do because of MC’s age.

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