The Day I Will Be Speaking to My Doctor

            It has become the day I will be speaking to Dr. A about my concerns about dialysis and what Dr. A can do to help get rid of that frustration.  Dialysis has become one of those frustrations once again.  My blood gets thick and then it clots the machine and then my catheter will clot.  The techs are there to help so it does not happen.  I am doing nothing to the catheter to prevent it from working properly because it is not me.  It is my blood.  I am sitting here this morning before I go to dialysis to write this entry because I need to vent in my way the best I can without using words of choice when I get upset.  Choice words out of anger is not me but the devil speaking more so than me.  When I get frustrated, I get anxious, scared, and ask tons of questions whether it pertains to the machine I am using or is it me.  More details later.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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