Life Continues One Way or Another

Life in the Karnopp household has not changed.  Feeling my life is still at its fullest, I do have to admit that I am glad the weekend will be arriving here shortly once its sundown.  I have two weekends.  It may be silly sounding, but I do have two weekends.  Let me explain it the best I can, okay?  Once sundown hits it is one weekend – Friday to Saturday sundown and Sunday.  Then, once dialysis is over Saturday afternoon, I have my dialysis weekend from Saturday afternoon to Tuesday morning, and that is my second weekend.  Now you see that I have two weekends in place.

I believe winter is indeed on its way.  Fall is almost over as we are now dealing with cold, wintry weather now.  A little more chilly to the point that I am now wearing sweatshirts and jackets while outside to go to the dialysis center and shopping.  Coat season will be arriving shortly as well in a few days.  Winter is not a disliked season as I do love the falling snow and the white on the trees.  I just dislike the cold weather when I am not able to get outside without sliding on ice or what is call black ice.  Icy conditions make it tougher for me to get around outdoors.  This is where I prefer to have a cat over a dog.

As I continue to sit here I know that October has left us at stage right while November has moved right on in from the left.  Halloween has passed away for another year and now we can concentrate on two holidays coming and going.  Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming.  What are your plans for the holidays?  Do you celebrate the holidays?  I know some people do not because of their beliefs and religion.  I do celebrate the holidays with friends and family each year but this year it is going to be a little different because a couple I have celebrated the holidays with has moved from Wisconsin to Arizona over the summer.  I will be seeing my parents from Arkansas for Thanksgiving this year.

I have decided to do something a little different to save money and time even though I have to wait until January to talk to Microsoft Office to discontinue Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and Outlook (email).  I have been using Apple products for a few years now and will not go back to Windows/Android.  Apple products have Pages, Numbers, and Keynote.  They are powerful apps as well as free.  Microsoft Office has subscriptions that are no longer in my price range.  I just have to get used to the idea of Mac OS over Microsoft/Android OS (operating systems).  Also, with Pages, like Microsoft Office, I can go anywhere on my iPhone and work on a project using the app on the phone with ease and where I left off from my project I am working on.  I blog, write in a diary as I am doing right now, and write stories.  It is just my time for a change.  I am an iOS user, not Windows anymore.  Nothing against android phones, either.  I believe iPhones have a better battery life than android does because I have experienced having a bad android phone twice.  My latest phone here is an iPhone 8+ and I love it.

It is time for me shut up shop for the night and return back tomorrow or whenever I can again.  It is almost bedtime and I have dialysis in the morning then my dialysis weekend will begin.  Sundown will be here shortly and my Sabbath will begin.

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