A Need to Understand

One day my worker, a couple of weeks ago, was telling me that she was being yelled at because I had been bothering her other client about something she (her client) did not understand. I told her that is not the impression given when I texted her client. To provide a little understanding here before going on. Her client and I met at our worker’s wedding on February 17, 2018, and we exchanged numbers. I told my worker why I was doing my best to communicate with her client. My worker understood immediately. I was beginning to feel I cannot trust this client anymore from the story she was telling me, and I was hearing this client had a side of her that made me question the friendship I had with this client. She has been a Facebook “friend” for over a year now, but after I heard this story from my worker (who happens to be the client’s worker as well), I decided to re-evaluate the need to have her in my life.
I have decided to block this Facebook “friend” today. I did so without giving this person a warning that I was blocking her. My health and emotions need to remain in check daily. I don’t need the stress of other unhealthy emotions in my life when my feelings need to be evaluated daily themselves. I do not regret meeting this person over a year ago, nor do I wish I never met this person. I am an observer, and what I see, hear, and find uncomfortable can be scary sometimes. I have to do what I need to do. I will not stop praying for this person. I also blocked her phone number on my phone as well. I am not sorry about my actions. I did not do anything wrong. I have to protect my wellbeing and myself when necessary.

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