Another Day Has Come and Gone

Hello, and good evening from Wisconsin here. Another day has ended and will be going to bed soon. Where did this day, other than watching Dr. Phil and Degrassi: The Next Generation, go? It has gone by very quickly in my way of thinking. The weather has been a little colder than a lot of Wisconsin natives prefer, but because of seasons, we have no choice but to bear with the weather when we have to. Winter is indeed here now. I am going to survive another cold winter.

I will have Christmas with my AR parents on December 16, weather permitting them to make it now that winter is here. I hope my DD friends/readers have an excellent rest of the month as Christmas comes and goes as well. Now that Pastor Van and his wife have moved to AZ, this will be my first Christmas without them. With me living in Wisconsin and Pastor and his wife are in AZ, we are many states apart now instead of many blocks away in the same city. I have managed Thanksgiving Day without them, as well.

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  1. It’s turned winter here too. Snow in the mountains mostly though. We only had 6 inches earlier. All melted now. I for one enjoy the indoor time without so much yard work. But you wait, I’ll be ready to get back out there in Spring! 🙂

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