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Another day has come and sundown/sunset will be at 4:33 PM CST.  I have been home from dialysis since a little before 1:30 PM.  I have been watching Without A Trace since yesterday.  Now, because I am a Judge Judy fan, I am going to watch that show on FOX for the next half hour unless there is another new episode on at 4:30 PM.  Without A Trace can wait until 5 PM or 5:30 PM.  I began watching Without A Trace on the Roku channel yesterday.  I began watching it before I went to the potluck luncheon at our church among friends.  I am hooked on the show now.  Why not start out the 2020 year with a new marathon. Degrassi will wait for a while now.  I have a couple of seasons left to watch of Degrassi: The Next Generation.

As I sit here watching Judge Judy realizing that it was a rerun, I think I will probably watch some Without A Trace in a few minutes.

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