Another Lazy Day

Another day has come and gone already. Nothing got done today after DKF left. Yep, I had one of those days today. With HMM now airing Matlock and Diagnosis Murder, I am back to watching those two shows when I have the chance. When I am at dialysis, I watch the GSN channel. The games I love to watch are Catch 21 and America Says. I do not have the GSN on my channel lineup with Spectrum (Charter). I have been viewing Dr. Phil and Judge Judy, and lately, I have been watching The Simpsons, Modern Family, and The Big Bang Theory. After those shows, I head to my room to do some journaling as I am doing right now, catch up on Facebook and Twitter. The way politics is going right now, I have to admit that I do not go on Facebook every day anymore. Twitter I catch up on it every day because I am following te Australia Zoo, Terri, Bindi, and Robert Irwin, Dr. Phil, and his wife, Robin. I believe Twitter is terrible when it comes to politics because people do not like Donald Trump as our President nor as a human being. Yes, I follow him as well.

Life continues at the Karnopp household. I love my lazy days and the ability to lounge and relax. I have not read any books lately since November, and I need to get back to reading again for so many hours a day. Reading a book outside the Bible has not happened yet this year. With January half gone now, I do have to admit that reading needs to begin again soon. Today was a very lazy day.

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