My Afternoon

Because it was Saturday, and please forgive me for beginning my sentence “because,” I had my boyfriend’s mom come over to have a Bible study with me. At the same time, my boyfriend was spending time with his dad, who comes down from the Madison, Wisconsin area to be with him once or twice a month. Bible study resumed between TB and me instead of KB, TB, and me. After TB left, I had an hour before my IRIS worker MC came to work for me.

Even though I prefer DKF over anyone else working for me, I do love MC very much. She is in her mid-80’s, and fun to be with, her work tactics being old fashioned, I find her ways different from DKF’s. I like DKF’s way of cleaning over MC’s. I feel I am very picky and set in my ways at the of 49, going on age 50 as of July 3, 2020.

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