Grammar Or Not

When it comes to my journaling or writing, I want it to be easy to read, understand, and have proper grammar. Do you want to know what I use? I use a program called Grammarly. It is worth $29.95 a month, and I use it daily. The only time I do not use it is when I am using my phone. I love it. I can be correct in my writing now, and before my entries and blogs are submitted and published, I check my work with Grammarly every time I write something. I am a stickler when it comes to grammar, especially when I am reading someone else’s writing, work, and what they write. I’m not too fond of it when a word is used in the wrong context. The example is shown here:

What is there address? (incorrect)
What is their address? (correct)

Also, I’m not too fond of it when someone spells a word wrong. The example is shown here:

Finaly (incorrect)
Finally (correct)

I believe I am a stickler to correctness. I want my writing to be read correctly.

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