The Start of My Day

I am feeling caught up now. No, I am not behind exactly. It just took time for me to post in my diary for a couple of days or so. I do write in my journal daily when I have time. Not always can I do so? No. My life, already an open book, does not ever get written. My life, in my diary, others read it, is not private. I am a person in some ways, secret. Here I am, waiting to go to dialysis this morning, writing my thoughts as they are in a jumble right now. I have to continue with my day and write later. I am up and ready for my day.

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As a diarist and blogger, please bear with me as I continue to upgrade my blog as time moves forward. Thank you.

2 thoughts on “The Start of My Day”

  1. Sometimes the only way I CAN get my life in some sort of order is to write about it in my really real journal until I have writer’s cramp! The world moves so quickly. Thoughts take more time…..

    1. My handwriting/printing has become hard to read in recent years, although I still write from time to time in a journal that is not a computer. My writing changes from time to time. It never stays the same. I can get writer’s cramp as well, and my cramps hurt, make me scream like a banshee, and when my left-hand cramps, I want to cry. I prefer to write using Pages. Also, I use a program called Grammarly while I am writing to be correct with my wording and grammar. Have you heard of Grammarly?

      I agree with you that the world moves quickly. I find that scary, sometimes. Yes, thoughts take more time. I am one who wants my thoughts organized so unlike my cluttered home in some areas. At least, with my risk of falling is more significant today, I do not have trip hazards. If I did, I would hear about it from my IRIS worker DKF.

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