A New Day Has Come

A new work week has begun for many, even though the Coronavirus pandemic is still happening in the United States. For today, it opens a new dialysis week for me — Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays. Bing Crosby the Cat and I are sharing a few moments before DKF gets here to help with personal cares and take me to dialysis. I have decided to make time for myself to write in my diary. I always wake up between 5 AM – 7 AM most mornings, so why not make time to write in my journal. My upstairs neighbor is my alarm clock, and I had my watch alarm set for 6 AM this morning. It is usually quiet at this hour otherwise. Now with Spring here, birds are singing/talking — another signal for me. Time for me to speak to God. I hope everyone has a good day or the best day possible, okay? I will be back this afternoon if dialysis treatment allows.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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  1. yetzirah says:

    The sun is coming up so early now! I hope you have a good week!!

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