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I needed to take the time to write in my journal before retiring for the night. Most nights, when dialysis day is the following day, I am usually in bed asleep. Not tonight, though. I am digesting a sermon my pastor had for praying meeting. The latest I will go to bed is 10 PM otherwise. Tomorrow (Thursday) is a dialysis day.

Now I know I do not talk about dialysis in my journal like I used to; I needed to share my thoughts about how I think sometimes. I have not written a lot in my journal these days. Time goes by so quickly. I have a schedule I follow daily, a routine (practically written in stone) that works like clockwork. As far as things are not going like clockwork, like yesterday’s dialysis, it comes with the need to adjust to the changes. Sometimes I can handle it with ease, and sometimes it disrupts the routine. Because dialysis treatment didn’t go well, I feel a little blah. Yesterday’s dialysis day did not put me at ease. With that said, comparing to yesterday, I am smiling more today than I did yesterday when I got home from the clinic.

Writing in my journal is very important to me. Finding the time to do so can be the question. Tonight is no different from any other night, but for some reason, tonight seems a little different to me. It’s my need to write before retiring to bed. My mind is on the sermon my pastor shared with me and other church members. It is like I got my second wind for a while. Tonight’s lecture has touched my heart in a way, and I wish I could write all about it tonight — time — I need time. When I write in my journal, I can write willy nilly, but when it comes to a blog or something I have written in a spiritual sense, it takes time and the Holy Spirit to guide me through what I am saying.

I have since prayer meeting has ended, taken my sleepy evening medicine. I am beginning to feel dozy. I consider, depending on the night, a medication that will help me fall asleep. I have three choices, and they are:

  1.  Melatonin 10mg
  2. Tylenol PM
  3. Benadryl

The medication by choice tonight was Benadryl. I remember taking that medicine last Wednesday evening before prayer meeting began, and I fell asleep while the meeting was still going on Zoom. Tonight was the night I was NOT going to fall asleep during the prayer meeting, and I didn’t. That is a big deal for me. I took Benadryl between 8:30 PM & 9 PM tonight. The effect of the medicine is doing its job very well.

Another day has come, and it is about to end. It is time for me to say good night.

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  1. Those are good choices for sleep meds! Routines are comforting. They help us stay centered. I’m glad you are staying on track with yours. It’s important. 🙂

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